Emerald Coast / Buck Destin Bridge Club

Weekly Schedule

Monday -  10:00AM
Wednesday - 10:00AM
Thursday - 10:00AM
St. Andrews by the sea Episcopal Church
307 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 32541

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Ted Gardner



Our worst month as it’s beginning of the end of our winter card party.  Folks are packing the van, checking the oil and tire pressure and starting the journey back home to get the snow blower out of overhaul.  They’ll be back next fall.  Bridge in Destin will be here all summer long.  Safe travel for those departing.  Way to go for those who can stay a few weeks more.  We’ll have fun at the club.   All week is a great time to be on the beach late afternoon and early evening.  Break out the bread, blanket, sweater, Hot Buttered Rum or a great Red Wine.  Go bare foot and enjoy the sand.  Then back to bridge at the church the next day.

So still plenty of Bridge to play; Line up the partners fill out the card and get to the club.  Ring some folks especially if they are new to the game and help bring them along.

Come on down.